Inspired by desire of living
motivated to bring health to the future

Makes a significant difference to patient's lives

Identification, procurement
& distribution across the globe

Highly specialized medicines, devices & hospital equipment's

Pharmaceutical Distribution

Pharmaceutical & bio-pharmaceutical wholesaler and distributor for highly specialized medicines

Global Sourcing

Specialized medications and also global sourcing capability to clinicians at hospitals

Specialty Practice Solutions

Expert in 'Special Products' sourcing services from identification, search to import products to serve patients

Global vision & Sourcing Capability

ZIRVE deals with the manufacturer, supplier, assist in permit applications, manages complex import procedures, and does shipment tracking, cold-chain

  • Global vision & Sourcing Capability
  • Committed to quality

    ZIRVE has the expertise, framework and access to a multitude of global avenues via their extensive network to respond and fulfill the specialized medicine requirements of physicians at hospitals

  • Committed to quality
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

    Whatever the situation or wherever the origin of the product ZIRVE has the sourcing capability With global affiliation, it has close partnerships with “Drug” suppliers as  well as unsurpassed database links to an international network for the supply of medicines

  • Satisfaction guaranteed
    • Our approach is unrivalled
      and our capability is global.

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      ZIRVE Your Special Products Sourcing Partner

      ZIRVE is able to provide a ONE-STOP Solution from identification, procurement to distribution of pharmaceutical goods. The experience and efficiency of pharmacists in ZIRVE operation, regulatory, and marketing departments results in effective management of the highly complex ethical supply chain